Agriculture Related Forms
Address of Important Authorities
Application for Relief from Loans
BSNL Related Forms
Application for Add on Facility
Application for Broadband Service
Application for Internet Connection
Application for Leased Circuits
Application for Web Colocation Service
Application for Web Hosting Service
Application for Allotment of PCO
Details for the Procedure for Allotment of PCO
Application for New Telephone Connection
Application for Shifting of Telephone Connection
Application for Temporary Telephone Connection
Application for New ISDN Connection
Application for Paying Telephone bills through ECS
Application for Telephone Nomination
Application for Video Conferencing
Application for Web Conferencing
Application for Audio Conferencing
Address of Commissions in Kerala
Commissions in Kerala
Company or Patnership Firm Related Forms
Application for Registration of Company
Application for Registration of Firm
Half Year Return
Intimation of Alteration in the Name of Permanent Address
Intimation of change in the place of business
Local Fund Audit Department
Notice oe election by person admitted to the be
Notice of Change in constitution of the firm or of the disso
Stt. of alteraion in the Name or Head Office Location of the
Yearly Returns about Salary
Yearly Returns
CST Forms
CST Form - A
CST Form - B
CST Form - C
CST Form - D
CST Form - E1
CST Form - E2
CST Form - F
CST Form - G
CST Form - I
CST Form - J
CST Rules 1957
CST (Registration and Turnover) Rules
CST (Kerala) Rules
Election (Voters List Applications)
Application for Registration in Voters list
Application for Cancellation from Voters list
Application for Correction of Details in Voters list
Application for Changing Place in Voters list
Role of the Department
Electrical Inspecterate
Electrical Contractors licences Details
Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board Instructions
Application for Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board (English)
Application for Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board (Malayalam)
Supervisor Permits Details
Wireman Permits Details
Application for Registration of Wireman Examination
Employment Exchange Form
Application Form
Factory Related Form
Annual Return
Application for Installation of Factory
Application for Registration and Grant or Amendment of Licence and notice of occupation
Application for the Construction of Factory Buildings
Application for Welder Test
Application for Factory Registration
Report of accident including dangerous occurrence resulting in death or bodily injury
The Form Submittable to Director Before Jan 31st
The Form to Director about Payment
Gazette Details & Form
Gazette Details & Form
Hajj Form
Application for Visa
Application for Hajj
Insurance Related Forms
Employer's Liability Insurance Proposal Form
Fidelity Guarantee
Group Insurance Scheme
Insurance of Money in Transit Proposal Form
Marine Hull Proposal Form
Personal Accident Policy
Proposal and Questionnaire for Erection all Risks Marine cum Erection Insurance
Proposal for Fire Insurance
Proposal for Government Fidelity Bonds
Proposal for Machinery Insurance
Proposal for Package Insurance
Proposal form for Insuranance of Motor Cycles & Scooters
Proposal form for Insurance of Commercial Vehicles
Proposal form for Insurance of Private Cars
Questionnaire and Proposal for Electronic Equipment Insurance
Kochi Corporation Important Details & Forms
Application for Caste Certificate
Application for Hiring Corporation Town Hall in Ernakulam
Application for Licence of Business
Application for Licence to Sell, Stock and Exhibit Food
Application for Residencial Certificate
Application for the License of Food Business
Application for the Permission of Toilet Construction
Application for Permit of Digging New Well
Application for Trade License
Application for Balika Samrudhi Yojan
Application for Birth Certificate
Building Completion Certificate
Building Ownership Certificate
Application for Building Tax
Application for Death Certificate
Dependers Application
Financial Help for Marriage of Widow's Daughters
Application for License for Cinema
License for Food Making for Business
License to Use Place
Application for Location Certificate
Application for Marriage Certificate
Application for Pension for Farmers
Application for Pension for Newspapers Workers Except Journalist
Application for Pension for Old Age
Application for Permission for Work with the Use of Machines
Application for Permission to Install the Machinery
All Instructions & Form for applying for Passport
Application for Passport
Affidavits Authority Letter
Authority Letter
Column-wise Guidlines for Filling up the Application Form
Complaints & Suggestions
Documents to be Attached with the Application
Fees Structure
General Information
List of DPCS
Right to Information Act-2005
Tatkal Scheme
Police (Important Applications)
Application for Loudspeaker Memo (English)
Application for Loudspeaker Permission (Malayalam)
Application for Loudspeaker Licence (Malayalam)
Application for Registration of Tourist
Application for Road Procession Permission
Compensation Claiming Guidlines
Application for Claiming Compensation
Instruction for filling up the Application form
Applying for Rail Concession Completely Blind Person
Applying for Rail Concession to Cancer Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to Heart Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to Hemophilia Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to Kidney Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to Leprosy Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to Mentally Retarded Persons
Applying for Rail Concession to Orthopaedically Handicapped, Paraplegic Persons
Applying for Rail Concession to T.B Patients
Applying for Rail Concession to totally Deaf & Dumb Persons
Railway Claim Manual
Application for Ration Card
Application for Duplicate Ration Card
Application for Kerosone Permit
Applying for Licence or Renewal of Licence as a Retail Dealer
Applying for Appoinment as Authorised Retail Distributor
Applying for Grant or Renewal of Licence (Food Grains)
Applying for Grant or Renewal or Re-issue of Licence
Applying for Grant or Renewal or Re-issue of Licence (Hydrogenated Oils & Baby Food Dealers)
Applying for Permit for Kerosene to Establishment
Applying for Ration Permit for Catering, Institutions and Residential Establishments